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About Cats

January and February cats are cool and proud. In their actions, they are more logical than emotional. These cats, which are highly selective and distant to other creatures, do not like everything easily and have always a strong character.

March and April cats are extremely active and excited. These cats, which are the symbols of emotionality, romance and being young, love looseness and sharing. Contrary to winter cats, they are very friendly and can attract you very easily.

May and June cats are chirpy and funny. The most important characteristic of these energetic cats, who cannot be predicted due to their rapid changes, who like to socialize and who like cold humor, is their entrepreneurial spirit.

July and August cats who love laziness and affection, never neglect to sleep when they see the sun and can rest all day long. These cats who are fond of drowsiness are very friendly, but they can become lions when their comforts deteriorate.

September and October cats are moderate, balanced and highly emotional. Their ability to build empathy is highly developed and they know very well when and how to approach you. These cats, who like brown and green tones, are very well-kept and tasteful.

November and December cats are resistant, imaginative and mysterious. They are very good in keeping secrets as they do not talk much. Thanks to their sharp intelligence and creativity, they can surprise you with incredible solutions even under extreme conditions.


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