If your cat is sensitive to bacteria or has a health problem, this product is suitalbe with your cat. This reducing bacteria and preventing bad odours cat litter is the best choice ever for you and your cat.

- 100% natural, white bentonite

- Eliminates germs and prevents bad smell

- 99,9% dust free

- Perfect odour control and long lasting

- Superior liquid absorption capacity

- Instant and strong clumping

- 0,6 - 2,25 mm compact granules



It’s important if your cat litter absorbing cat’s urine because absorbing urine quickly to prevent bad odours in the room. It also prevents mixing used and non-used litters together so your cat can keep clean.
Dusty and small granule litters may cause respiratory tract problems in your cat and white paw prints on your carpet.
Deformed cat litters by chemical to make cat litter’s properties better like liquid absorbation and clumping may cause some skin problems in your cat. That’s why it’s better to choose a cat litter which doesn’t contain chemicals in it.